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Toh Guan Dormitory (All Trades)


Situated in Toh Guan, the project was completed in Year 2006.

​The workers dormitories comprised of 4 blocks of 7 storey buildings which are differentiated with colours for workers from different industrial sectors. Accompanying it is 1 block of 2 storey amenity building and 1 block of 2 storey administration building. It has 448 units and can accommodate up to 7,168 workers.

In addition, its one of the few dormitory in Singapore that can accommodate all trades.

For rental accommodation, kindly contact Elsa at 90371315

CDPL (Tuas) Dormitory (All Trades)


Situated at Tuas South 15, the dormitory serves to provide accomodation for 12,800 workers (from marine, process and manufacturing; with 20% to other trades subjected to prior consent by JTC) in 8 blocks of 8 storey buildings, consisting of 800 units.


Situated within the residential cluster and social domain are ammenities catering to the needs of the workers and locations for social interaction during free time. 


For rental accommodation or shop leasing opportunities, kindly contact Elsa at 90371315

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